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Record Number of Attendance at the paintistanbul&Turkcoat Congress

The 9th International paintistanbul & Turkcoat Congress and Exhibition, organized by the Association of Paint Industry (Bosad) and Chem Media on December 5-6, broke an attendance record. The congress, held over two days, saw a total attendance of 1425 visitors, with 71 international attendees. This remarkable figure stands as the highest recorded number of visitors

9th paintistanbul&Turkcoat Congress Announced!

The paintistanbul&Turkcoat Congress and Exhibition, which will be held at Green Park Hotel Pendik on December 5-6, 2023, by Bosad (the Association of Paint Industry) and organized by Chem Media, has been announced on the social media accounts of theevent. Companies and participants who want to get information about the organization will be able to